New Graphite Collage Drawings and Featured Sculptures

Carz in Landscapes: Graphite Collage Drawings – 2018

Some years ago I participated in a Los Angeles Printmaking Society show originally called “Car Culture” (later changed to “Man, Machine and Nature”). My own travels have inspired me to follow similar themes in my drawings and paintings. In the summer my wife and I enjoy travelling around Canada. When we are on the road again, I know we will appreciate seeing old cars and old houses as we journey through the Canadian landscape.

Ghost Car


These 12 inch by 12 inch graphite collages on watercolour paper were created using overlapped graphite drawings. If you look closely you will see my unique “signature suns” that appear in each piece.To see more, visit the New Work page.

Sculpture – Featured

I wanted to create some clay heads but I was unable to fire them. They were air-dried which meant that they were fragile. They sat for years on a shelf in my living room until we moved,  Eventually I gave them a second chance and finished them in acrylic paint.

I remembered that my former landlord had scary painted Korean masks over the doorway to his family room. That led me to paint my sculptures black and white, but the result held little appeal. After several months, I re-painted them – still in dramatic colours but this time using lots of red along with black and white accents. Now I find them to be strong and dynamic, yet approachable. I am motivated to make more small sculptures, but with self-hardening clay.






This series of unfired clay heads is painted with acrylics. To see more sculptures, visit the Featured page.

Other Media

Earlier this year we added a Media item to the top menu where you can choose various types of work. The Featured page changes with each new edition of the gallery and is reserved for special pieces that may be in any medium.  Each of the other four categories – Relief Prints, Digital Prints, Drawings and Paintings – are refreshed on a rotating basis so be sure to check them out after you view the New Work  and Featured sections.