Constructed Paintings

Constructed Paintings Both the Current Exhibition and the From the Catalogue paintings were made by gluing three-dimensional pieces onto a flat surface – board on canvas for the former and Masonite for the latter.           Atlantic Blues Series   Whether it is looking westward from Ireland or to the east from Glace Bay in Cape Breton, the Atlantic and its moody deep waters have inspired me in all periods of my life. There is a point        before the horizon where a person can disappear into an underwater world. These paintings show scenes that […]

New Designs and Early Prints

New Digital Prints These digital prints were planned originally as designs for silkscreen prints. They relate directly to some of the work done earlier in a type of drawing based on divisionism (similar to cubism) but they are unique to my drawing style. This work was created by hand on paper and then scanned to become original pieces.  From the Catalogue             For two years in the early 1990’s I rented space at Open Studio in Toronto. During that time, I made a variety of miniature prints, mostly in black or red. These prints are […]

New Friends and Old

 New Friends and Old This series of imaginary and spontaneous portraits uses colour to express the emotions on each face.  I see these figures as friendly spirits, existing just outside the realm of what is known. I drew them with pigment markers, which allows different colours to be blended on specially treated paper.  One example of blending appears in the piece called “Jane” over the left eye, but you will spot it in several of the other portraits in the Current Exhibition as well.  Another great feature of the markers is that the colours are expected to last for 100 […]

The Power of Black and White

                    Black and White Paintings As a young artist, I wanted to be a master of brush and ink drawing. I produced hundreds of images on newsprint, trying to create significant shapes that could carry a painting. After many years, I have evolved a style of drawing and painting that is unique. These paintings are representative of that style. I am endeavouring to create a permanent collection of this work so that the style will blossom into a mature statement.  I do not want my images to be lost, I want […]

Valentines with a Twist

Thunder and Lightning –  February 2016 – Current Exhibition   I’m not normally a person who makes a big deal over Valentine’s Day. True, I typically follow the ritual of getting my wife the usual gifts and we often have a favorite meal at home, but I don’t give a lot of thought to valentines beyond that.  This year, though, I decided it would be romantic if I made her a print, something created from my own imagination and not just a pretty card to be tossed away after a few days. Taking a cultural cliché and trying to find inspiration […]


Second Anniversary Exhibitions – Acrylics and Monoprints With this post, the Green Block Gallery celebrates two years of exhibitions. In the first year I featured mostly printmaking in various mediums, including woodblocks, linoprints and digital prints.  During this past year, I have spent much of my time on painting but I have many printing projects waiting in the wings. Alders This work evolved from painting horizons and bands of colour, then gradually the idea of vertical lines representing alders and grasses emerged.  The paintings are based on my experiences  during the summer while visiting the Northumberland Strait area of New Brunswick.  It is […]

Coastal Waters

    Aurora, Acrylic Painting, 2015         Much of my work in recent years has featured houses, which have evolved to blocks and now slabs, which represent cabins along roads facing the ocean.   The sea is important to me because it is a source of life and is also my earliest inspiration for painting.  I am away from the ocean now, but it is a place I long for and hope to be near in the future, so I paint about it.  With a tube of paint, I draw coloured lines of waves joining up with each other.  This […]

Burren Paintings, Part 2

It’s been a year since I was in Ireland, and it still inspires me.  I have just finished 12 more acrylic paintings that reflect the rough and beautiful landscape of the Burren.  Although I travelled as much as I could and many of the paintings reflect that experience, one of the best views I had was from my apartment window facing the ocean and the mountains near the village of Ballyvaughan.   I sat for hours, mesmerized by the colour and motion of the view.  At the time I found it difficult to conceive of painting such an overwhelming subject but […]

The Art of Automatism

These shapes are drawn with ink and painted onto canvas automatically.  Since I have been a young artist I have tried to develop my own personal shapes.  Some have been used as themes for my linoprints and digital art in past work.  For this group of pictures, I created images that have never been shown in other media, a way of recording a body of ideas that would otherwise have been neglected.  I have been careful to include no repeats.  Some of the shapes are figurative in feeling but all are imaginative calligraphy.  These pieces are one-shot works with few […]

Burren Walls

Last spring I participated in an art residency program at Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland.  My days in the Burren usually began with a four-hour breakfast. It was so beautiful there that we had to take the mornings slowly. Every day we had coffee by the ocean then drove to the college by car or took the shuttle. Speeding between stone walls, past the fields and houses, we were greeted by the stillness and natural harmony of the College.  The weather was mostly sunny but when it rained, the raindrops played musically on the tin roof and the sounds from cows and […]

New Visions

The common thread in the Green Block Gallery’s fifth series of exhibitions is the transformation of original work from one medium to another.  Earlier this year Grant made 40 drawings in preparation for his recent residency.  Some of this work inspired a series of woodblocks he made in Ireland while others re-emerged as the colourful digital prints featured in the Current Exhibition.       A similar evolution occurred with linoprints that later became the digital work in the From the catalogue  show.  Two of these prints were exhibited internationally, one in San Diego and another in Hilo, Hawaii.   […]

The Wild and Beautiful Burren

Current Exhibition – This spring Grant and I had the pleasure of living in  Ballyvaughan, County Clare for three weeks while he participated in an artist residency at the Burren College of Art. The burren is a geological feature, often referred to as limestone pavement, that covers a large area in the west of Ireland.   We loved the burren, especially the coastal drive known as “The Wild Atlantic Way” with its breathtaking views. The ink drawings in the gallery’s current exhibition were created in his studio at the college and were inspired by this amazing and dramatic landscape.       Cape […]