New Look for Green Block Gallery

This month we are introducing a new approach to the gallery, the first major change since we launched in December 2013. Each quarterly posting will continue to include current work which can be accessed from the menu or from the home page under the New Work icon. As always, if you select one piece in a series it will enlarge and allow the series to be viewed as a slide show. Generally there are 11 – 12 pieces in each show.


Tall and Thin


The new show, Spirit Dancers is based on a creative interpretation of skeletal systems that suggests figure drawing. The sense of movement generates a life force or spirit, representing the character of each unique form. The technique mimics linocuts which were my first type of printmaking; however, the work is entirely original and was created using software for the iPad Pro. The prints are produced in limited editions on high quality paper using an Epson printer. Please visit Sales for information on pricing.


We’ve added a Media item to the top menu where you can choose various types of work. Under Featured, we highlight several special pieces that may be in any medium.  Each of the other four categories – Relief Prints, Digital Prints, Drawings and Paintings – will be refreshed on a rotating basis so be sure to check them out after you view the New Work  and Featured sections.

Thank you for visiting our site and best wishes for 2018.

Grant McGean